The Definitive Guide to Dark Academia Outfits: The Trend That’s Taking Pinterest By Storm


Dark Academia, a trend that’s taken not only the fashion world by storm, but also Pinterest, is setting new standards for enthusiasts all around the world. With its distinctive blend of classic literature, gothic undertones, and scholarly aesthetic, these outfits have gained a dedicated following in the past year.

The Rise of Dark Academia- A Cultural Phenomenon

Dark Academia’s origins can be traced to the late 2010s Tumblr culture. However, it’s since extended far beyond the boundaries of this microblogging site, hitting the mainstream culture and quickly gaining traction on Pinterest.

Main Features of Dark Academia Fashion

Dark academia fashion draws inspiration from the elite educational institution aesthetics of the 19th and 20th centuries. It exhibits a severe yet stylish approach to personal style with an emphasis on tailored clothing. Key elements include wool blazers, turtlenecks, trousers, and loafer shoes. Textures like tweed, wool, and cable knits also make their way into the mix regularly, ensuring that rich tactile experiences take center stage in these outfits.

The Color Palette of Dark Academia

The color palette for Dark Academia leans towards the darker end of the spectrum. Deep browns, muted greens, and dusty hues go hand-in-hand with dark academia aesthetics. The starkness is occasionally broken up by soft hues such as cream, beige, or light gray.

Choosing Dark Academia Clothing Pieces

Select a base for your outfit, which can be a tailored suit or a pair of wide-legged trousers paired with a loose sweater. Layer up with oversized blazers and long woolen coats. For women, plaid skirts and Peter Pan collars also work wonders.

Accessorizing in Dark Academia Fashion

Accessories pull a Dark Academia outfit together. Vintage watches, brooches, leather satchels, and scarves are staples in any Dark Academia wardrobe. Not to overlook books, a trusty companion of any Dark Academia enthusiast.

Incorporating Dark Academia into Your Lifestyle

Dark Academia extends beyond just the wardrobe; it’s a lifestyle. To fully incorporate it, indulge in activities like reading classic literature, writing, studying in libraries, and exploring old buildings.

Adapting Dark Academia to Various Climates

While this trend’s heart lies in chilly climate aesthetics, it can equally well translate into warmer climates. A buttoned shirt and tailored shorts with loafers can effortlessly bring the aesthetics in a summer-friendly way.

Influencers to Follow for Dark Academia Inspiration

If you’re wondering where to get your daily dose of Dark Academia inspiration, check out Pinterest boards curated by known influencers such as @thebookishcorner, @seasonofthebadwolf, and @etherealstudy.


In the midst of the fast-fashion world, Dark Academia stands as an ode to the past, emphasizing not just a style but a lifestyle. In a world dominated by "more is more", it’s a breath of fresh air and fast becoming a pivotal part of our fashion landscape, dominating Pinterest one stylish outfit at a time.

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