Reviving the 70s: The Ultimate Guide to Styling Flare Pants


The 70s represent an exciting era of fashion revolution. One trend that distinctly characterizes this era is the flare pants outfit. Seen as a rebellious departure from the skinny jeans and straight trousers that ruled previous decades, 70s flare pants not only symbolized freedom but also added flair to fashion. Today, we witness a remarkable resurgence of these bell-bottomed buddies, stimulating our craving for a nostalgic yet contemporary style statement.

The Unfading Charm of 70s Flare Pants

The 70s were a melting pot of bold, colorful, and vibrant fashion trends. At the heart of these trends stood the flare pants. The mushrooming of the hippie movement gave a commendable enforcement to this style, making it a desirable outfit that symbolized liberation. Flare pants enjoyed popularity among both men and women, embarking on a trajectory that would lead to a timeless fashion trend.

Reviving the 70s: Adding Flare Pants to Your Wardrobe

Diving into the 70s fashion nostalgia, here are some inspiring ways to incorporate flare pants into a modern wardrobe:

  • Casual Chic: Pairing your flare pants with a t-shirt or a casual sweater brings out a laid-back, casual outlook. It’s a perfect combination for those who wish to bring a touch of 70s fashion to everyday life.

  • Festival Ready: These flare pants are synonymous with bohemian style and music festivals. Match these pants with a crocheted top and add a flower crown for that festive touch.

  • Sophisticated & Elegant: A dressy blouse, blazer, or a statement belt, clubbed along with flare pants can evoke an elegant and sophisticated look.

  • Retro Revamp: For those who want to go all-in with the 70s style, team up your flare pants with a psychedelic print top or a paisley patterned shirt.

Choosing the Right Pair of 70s Flare Pants

Keeping up with the fashion legacy, you can find an array of flare pants in various fabrics, colors, and patterns.

  • Denim Flares: Denim flares are a great place to start. These are versatile and remain true to the 70s vibe, providing endless styling possibilities.

  • Corduroy Flares: Another popular choice, corduroy flare pants, brings a fresh version of the 70s resurgence. They add texture and a vintage feel to your outfit, making them a perfect addition for the colder months.

  • Printed Flares: To truly stand out, adopt a pair of printed flare pants. Be it stripes, florals, or psychedelic prints, they are bound to make heads turn.

Tips for Styling 70s Flare Pants

  • Balance the Volume: Since flare pants have a distinct volume at the bottom, it’s wise to pair them with a fitting top, preventing a messy, baggy look.

  • Embrace Heels: Heels and flares go hand in hand. They help elongate your legs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of flare pants.

  • Accessorize aptly: Add a taste of the 70s by accessorizing with long-chain necklaces, oversized sunglasses, and funky headbands.


The resurgence of 70s flare pants challenges modern aesthetics and brings versatility to the concept of styling. With the right pair of flare pants and wise styling, you can confidently embody the nostalgic charm of the 70s while maintaining a refreshing contemporary edge.

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