Limerick Girl

Picture of girl’s face as a silhouette of broken glass

She’d only try drugs of one syllable,
And only gave payment in kind
Always found at the bar
With a drink you’d go far, yet,
Was always a girl on my mind

Her range, mostly men was expansive
But to a man, all had money to loan
When her shopping was paid
She lay down and got laid, then,
Rose early, crept out and drove home

She could swear with her father’s temper
In the ten different tongues she could choose
She’d remembered the list
That he’d used with his fists, so,
Was numb to the bile and abuse

The love of her life was a soldier
With a baggage that went to his core
And like daddy would do
Bust her face black and blue, though,
Would often just scream back for more

I asked her why she didn’t leave him
Said, ‘I know you think I’m just a whore
But true love is a lure
And I know there’s no cure, ‘cause,
With losers like you I’m just bored’

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