Priority Boarding

If priority meant love,
this date’s an impatient,
passionless affair
clearly undesired by Dolly,
delighted, pointing down
nor fixed smiley Svelte,
a dab of Chanel,
arm also extended,
instead we have Tasha, (hint of hairy)
with Chubby, (not so cheery)
at the rear,
“the back side crew”
so sharply defined,
no reclining with ease,
perusing the papers,
but, in place, wedged by the window
view of the rain, tray with a wobble,
maybe, like me,
a little unhinged

Tight squeeze, bee’s knees to steerage
passes “content”, “at ease”,
“ready to snooze”
to mum on her knees
pushing bits into gaps
between the seats, mine
as her child, bored, tests
the extent of his legs, my patience
on the back of my seat
until I growl,
a response I regret
as all around begin to stare

Attention diverts
as we limp off the ground
watching little and large
in their safety dance
my mind drifts across
the unlikely couple, her
too much beard for this career? him,
perhaps demoted, an indiscretion,
caught short on a long haul?
our eyes meet, I’m better asleep.

By cyncoed

Old & Welsh

4 replies on “Priority Boarding”

Haha! I know what you mean. I detest long haul, especially after a recent trip to New York (for my 30th wedding anniversary) when the girl in front put her seat into full recline before the wheels had even got off the ground, and without bothering to check that my head wasn’t in the line of fire! The poem was inspired by a remark from a family member who I love dearly, but who gets more than a little pompous from time to time. We were all talking about the ‘joys’ of flying to Ireland and he said that he always ‘goes left’ when he gets onto the plane , inferring that he only flies first or business class. However, if you ‘go left’ on a domestic flight, it means you’re going to be flying the plane! A point that we took great delight in pointing out….

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I don’t mind flights up to 3 hours (perfect for a meal and a movie), but my mood worsens exponentially with every additional hour of being cooped up in a metal contraption with too many other passengers.
Hope you had a good time in New York after your uncomfortable flight there. That girl could’ve caused you serious injury!
That family member of yours must have cash to burn, considering he only flies first or business class. Not rich enough to fly in a private jet, is he? 😉


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