Imagine something beautiful, pure
bursts chaos from calm
, delicate, depending
on love to keep warm

Looking back, in a sense
see our fragile, human shells?
once so sure, now full of doubt,
or are you such as well?

Small, yet perfection
pure joy, long to hold
though afraid, at first, touched
if tainted, turns to cold

Keeping back a little, love
your curious tiny face
watching, fascination all around,
intrigued by every place

New life brings new hope
, things won’t stay the same
as every generation thinks, acts
in slightly different ways

So listen, learn, but be yourself,
the future in your hands
a changing world needs new minds
so be the best you can

If you’d like to find out a bit more about this poem, click the link to the page “Explained” which shines a light on the background to each poem, or helps you to understand what the heck’s going on if you’re a bit baffled!

By cyncoed

Old & Welsh

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