up there…


“This is the sun”, she said
as opened hands
nothing, then closer look
revealed the grains of sand
“this, the dust of stars
was after time was born
and you were formed”,
then later, kissed me softly,
tucked me in to dream instead
of other worlds, beyond
the clouds, beyond the gloom
the plane that winks, pretends
he’s up there too
where gasses trapped by gravity,
invisible, forced to roam in colours strange
wild, beyond the rainbow plains
of earths leaden footed light
to shine so bright, just for me
and those that look

If you’d like to find out a bit more about this poem, click the link to the page “Explained” which shines a light on the background to each poem, or helps you to understand what the heck’s going on if you’re a bit baffled!

By cyncoed

Old & Welsh

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