The pigeon

Tabby got bored , clearly
but not soon enough
as the feathers attest
, left me with you
a sorry looking bird
no art in flight
no sheen or shine
or rare seen Kite
but boring, common ,
pigeon grey
looks up at me
all sideways askew
a strange look
a bob or two
towards a bush
then bob away,
maybe just
without a wing,
not a prayer to fly
So wobble a bit, try
to unload or confuse
the two , maybe three
fat black flies, alive, still
their patient hanging on
waiting for Nature’s curse to kick

…superior like a lord
over all I survey
until the words from Early
and Dementia , pretty soon
I’ll look as stupid
and dead , as you

If you’d like to find out a bit more about this poem, click the link to the page “Explained” which shines a light on the background to each poem, or helps you to understand what the heck’s going on if you’re a bit baffled!

By cyncoed

Old & Welsh

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